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Thank you for your interest in Restoration Massage.

The focus of my work is to help my clients stay healthy.

Without a doubt, massage can help you relax. And, with all of the stressors in our world today, if that's all it did, that would be enough.

However, the real power of Massage is in its ability to prevent or help in the recovery from injuries as well as manage, and often, eliminate soft tissue pain. Soft tissue includes muscle, tendon, ligament and other connective tissue.

Soft Tissue Pain is the pain you get in your neck, shoulders and arms from too many hours at the computer.  Or, maybe you've had golfer's or tennis elbow, both soft tissue problems.  How about that pain that seems to start in you butt and goes all the way to your ankle?  Low back pain?  Lingering pain from car accidents is often soft tissue related.  Soft Tissue Pain is also present in conditions such as Fibromyalgia & MS as well as others.  And the list goes on and on.

Often, due to injury, overuse or misuse, or a disease process, groups of muscle fibers within a muscle can become chronically contracted.  Oxygen, can't get to the tissue, and normal metabolism cannot proceed. Various massage modalities treat specific muscles and specific groups of muscle fibers within a muscle to help the tissue return to normal functioning.

This process leads to decreased pain and decreased mental and emotional stress caused by chronic pain.

If you are currently living with pain or simply need help to let go of stress, please call me.   

Stay Healthy,

Bachelor of Science:   Exercise Science 
  1986 University of New Mexico
Certificate 250 hours:
  1991 Crystal Mountain Natural Therapeutics
Certificate 760 hours:
2006 Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College
NCBTMB Certified (National Certification)