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Menu of Services

Deep Tissue
A variety of techniques to work deep into muscle and commective tissue
to release scar tissue and micro-contractures.  Excellent for reducing pain
and increasing range of motion.

Trigger Point Therapy
Trigger Points are areas of hyper-excitable muscle tissue.  Direct pressure
is applied to these areas followed by stretching to reduce pain and increase
range of motion.  Wear loose fitting clothing.

Pain Management
A variety of techniques used to reduce pain

Massage Cupping
Technique using suction cups to pull tissue rather than the traditional
massage techniques that push tissue.  Excellent for reducing scar tissue,
increasing range of motion and reducing pain.

Relaxing Swedish Massage
Classic full body relaxing massage

Cranio-Sacral Therapy CST
Very light touch technique. Client remains fully clothed.  I have completed the first two workshops: CSTI and CSTII. For mor information go to: